SHUT DOWN: Dinner is off at Grampa Bill’s

SHUT DOWN: Dinner is off at Grampa Bill’s
Grampa Bill's

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – For the second time in two years, a local chip stand has been unable to clean up its act, forcing the Eastern Ontario Health Unit to close its doors.

Patrons of Grampa Bill’s, also known as Grampa Bill’s Fries, will have to find their poutine fix elsewhere.

“After multiple complaints, violations and fines, over the last two years, we deemed that this premise presented a health hazard due to the inability to maintain proper sanitary conditions,” said Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, chief executive officer of the health unit.

He explained that Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, a medical officer of health has the authority to order the closure of a premise, if there is a known or suspected public health hazard.

The health unit shut down the controversial chip stand on August 20.

“Conditions for re-opening are the complete remediation of the current state of the sanitary conditions, to the health unit’s satisfaction,” he said. “There are no timelines.”

Whether or not the owner plans on re-opening the chip stand remains uknown.

Seaway News attempted to contact the owner via phone and in person, but the chip stand’s number is no longer in service and the establishment was locked and unoccupied.

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