SLIDESHOW: Bridge demo work shows early progress

CORNWALL, Ontario – The demolition of the Seaway International Bridge is in full swing, with a large sectioning of the decking already removed.

Passersby and motorists who look up near the corner of Brookdale Avenue and Water Street can now see daylight for the first time in decades.

Demolition crews began mobilizing this weeks ago to start the 18-month task of bringing down the Seaway International Bridge, which runs above and beside Brookdale Avenue.

Crews began by removing the decking of the bridge, which will be followed by its steel apparatus, and finally the concrete pillars, in time for a 2016 deadline.

Parts of Brookdale will remain open during the work, perhaps one lane in each direction, and on occasions intersections like the one that crosses Second Street West may have to be completely shuttered for a short period of time.

Demo crews will remove decking in large chunks that can be easily managed by a crane and set down on the back of flatbed trucks that will carry it away.

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