SLIDESHOW: CAPE soars to new heights in 2016

CORNWALL, Ont. – In two years, CAPE (Cornwall & Area Pop Event) has cemented its place as the premiere local gathering for cosplayers, Trekkies, Whovians, and furries, to name a few.

Organizers Randy and Carol Sauve said opening day attendance rivals last year’s inaugural one-day edition’s final count of 3,500. And with an added second day, CAPE 2016 (April 23-24) drew an estimated crowd of 6,000.

“The turnout was better than we expected,” Carol said. “We’re getting such great feedback from all the vendors and guests.”

The event featured over 290 exhibitors, from Star Trek TV series and Clerks alumni to local cosplayers, on two NHL-sized ice pads at the Benson Centre.

Randy and Carol went all out to make their special day, memorable. And we’re not just talking about CAPE. They tied the knot during the event on Saturday (April 23). As you can probably guess, this was not your average, everyday nuptials.

Carol donned a Wonder Woman wedding gown as Darth Vader walked her down the aisle to Randy, owner of Fantasy Realm, who wore a dapper Spiderman-themed tuxedo.

“We share a vision…we’re both geeks,” Carol said. “I married my soulmate.”

Some of the major guests included Brian O’Halloran, Dante Hicks of Kevin Smith’s debut 1994 film Clerks, Steve Coulter, Reg Monroe of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Strek Trek alumni Michael Forest, BarBara Luna, Sally Kellerman, Louise Sorel, and Sean Kenney.

CAPE featured an impressive mix of exhibitors, cosplayers, and local talent, including Frank Burelle Studios, Chantal Gilmour of Crazy Knitter’s Creations, and painter Erynn Blackadder Doherty.

Admission was $22 at the door ($20 in advance).

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