SLIDESHOW: One photo shoot down, and plenty more to come for Madison

CORNWALL, Ontario – Thirteen-year-old Madison Pawis has a pretty extensive resume.

It’s got all the normal stuff for a young girl…school work, hockey, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics.

Oh yah, professional model, too.

Cornwall’s Pawis recently received the first issue of 1608, a French-language Quebec-based fashion magazine that contains her very first photo shoot.

And if the early returns are any indication, there are more just around the corner.

Pawis will be heading to New York City later this year for another photo session with some high-profile American photographers and fashionistas.

But seeing her images in print for the first time is still resonating.

“It was kind of like, ‘Why would I be in a magazine?’ A lot of people will see it,” she said.

The summertime photo shoot was wall-to-wall make-up artists and fashion experts.

“There were a lot of clothes that I would never wear,” she said. “It was mainly for older people.”

When one sees her photos it’s hard to believe the model wearing the clothes is still in junior high school at Holy Trinity in South Glengarry and a few years away from getting her driver’s license.

Pawis got her start in modelling thanks to social media and her mother Leeann. Leeann had posted a photo of her daughter on Facebook, and one of mom’s friends – who happens to be acquainted with a fashion agent in Montreal – saw the photo and inquired about some more photographs.

Pawis said she’s looking forward to more fashion layouts in the future.

“I really like taking pictures,” she said.

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