Sometimes, you just gotta laugh

Nick Seebruch
Sometimes, you just gotta laugh
Pictured from left-to-right: Front: Carol Hutt. Back row: Natasha Dingwall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Carol Hutt has always had a love of comedy and it has helped her through some dark times.

Carol has been blind since birth and also has had experience in tackling mental health issues.

“My favourite part of the year is fall,” she said. “Sometimes I can get very down and depressed because I want to be out in the leaves, or out for a drive in the car or picking apples, like anyone else, but it isn’t always easy.”

In those times, Carol finds that listening to things like the nature channel or having fall aromas in her home help her, but the thing that she can always rely on is comedy.

“Comedy, you have to have it, its like food for the soul,” she said.

Carol herself has comedic experience, and is particularly fond of doing impressions. She is capable of particularly uncanny impressions of the late Joan Rivers and of Edith from Archie Bunker.

Larry Sylvain of the Port Theatre is helping Carol share her comedic gifts with the greater community.

On Friday, Oct. 6, the Port Theatre is hosting a comedy show featuring well known comedic acts and will be headlined by Kevin Downey Jr. After speaking with the promoter of the event, Sylvain was able to get Carol five minutes during the show during which she could do her impersonation routine.

Tickets for the show are available at the Port Theatre, St. Lawrence Appliances, the lottery kiosk at the Cornwall Square and at Melody Music.

Oct. 1 to the 7 is Mental Health Awareness Week, come by and check out the healing power of comedy.

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