South Dundas May 8 Council Meeting Highlights

Provided by the Municipality of South Dundas
South Dundas May 8 Council Meeting Highlights

Final 2023 Tax Rates By-law passed

Council passed a By-law to establish the 2023 Municipal Tax Rates for the remainder of the 2023 billing season. The impact on the residential tax class will be a 5.5 per cent increase in the Municipal Tax Rate. For the average ratepayer with a property assessed at $211,148, this will mean an approximate rate increase of $61.80.

“With Council passing the 2023 Budget in March, the Schedule A to the By-Law are the rates reflected in the Budget… I ask tonight that you pass this By-Law in order for us to be able to implement the new rates to prepare the final tax bills for the 2023 season,” said Treasurer Julie Stewart.

The final tax bills will be mailed to residents in June 2023 with installments due at the end of June and September 2023.

No change to arena rental rates

Council voted to make no changes to the arena rental rates as outlined in the 2023 Fees and Charges By-Law, which was made with a goal of having a 50 per cent user pay model at the arena to cover operational costs.

Council requested an Action Request be put forward on the topic following discussion over a Key Information Report that was presented in April. The KIR was made following one user group requesting a lower rate.

Council discussed the request but ultimately voted against introducing a reduced daytime senior rate (of $100 per hour for ice rental versus $120 per hour) during under-utilized daytime ice slots.

“It’s precedent setting if we give a lower rate to one group…” said Coun. Tom Smyth.

“I’m not in the game of trying to compete with other Municipalities. Our ice cost is our ice cost…” said Coun. Danielle Ward.

South Branch Community Fund applications open May 15

The South Branch Community Fund Committee is excited to open funding applications on May 15, 2023 until May 26, 2023.

Applications have been accepted every year since 2015 for grant monies pertaining to a project that will benefit the community. The project must be situated within the South Branch Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund Area.

More information about the application and the funding catchment area can be found under the South Branch Community Fund agreement and the South Branch Community Fund application guidelines. The completed South Branch Community Fund application form can be brought to the Municipal Office or emailed to

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