South Glengarry appoints Rebecca Luck to Council

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By Nick Seebruch
South Glengarry appoints Rebecca Luck to Council
Rebecca Luck (bottom left) makes her pitch to South Glengarry Council to be appointed to the vacant Council seat.

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – South Glengarry Council has unanimously voted to appoint Rebecca Luck as Councillor to fill a vacant seat around the Council table. Council voted to fill the seat at their meeting on Monday night, Jan. 17.

The Council seat became vacant after Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden and Councillor Stephanie Jaworski were elevated to Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively after former Mayor Frank Prevost resigned in late 2021.

Luck, an engineering grad of McGill University is currently employed with EVB Engineering. She was one of eight candidates who applied to fill the vacant Council seat.

South Glengarry Council held a special meeting on Thursday, Jan. 13 where each candidate was able to give their pitch to fill the seat and were asked a few questions from Council.

Luck, who is bilingual and is a young mother of two girls said that she is proud to have grown-up in Glengarry and wanted to build a better community for her daughters.

“I want my girls to grow up in the amazing community of Glengarry,” she said. “I love our community. I love the people that make up this community.”

When asked if there was a municipal file that she was particularly passionate about Luck said her profession as an engineer made her passionate about municipal infrastructure, particularly road works.

“It is the most vital piece of infrastructure we have going,” she said, adding that any decision to raise taxes to fund road projects would be based on the municipal capital projects plan.

On Monday night, Luck was nominated for the position by Councillor Sam McDonell and the motion was seconded by Deputy Mayor Stephanie Jaworski. In a recorded vote, Luck was approved unanimously to join Council.

“It was not an easy decision for this Council, but I’m very happy to state it was a unanimous decision. I’d like to thank everyone who submitted and took the time to submit,” said Mayor Lyle Warden.

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