South Glengarry implements FoodCycler pilot program

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South Glengarry implements FoodCycler pilot program

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – The Township of South Glengarry Council unanimously approved implementing a FoodCycler pilot program in the municipality at their meeting on Monday, June 7, 2021.

The FoodCycler is an appliance produced by FoodCycle Science, an Ottawa and Cornwall based company. The FoodCycler reduces organic waste into an odorless soil amendment in as little as three hours. The FoodCycler can reduce two litres of organic waste by 90 per cent in volume.

FoodCycle Science was selected as a semi-finalist in the federal governments Food Waste Reduction Challenge, which has allowed them to conduct pilot programs in municipalities encouraging their use. FoodCycle Science had made a pitch for a pilot program in South Glengarry to Council in March, and since that time, Township administration have been using a FoodCycler in the office.

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“The feedback has been extremely positive. The machine is quiet, its compact and the soil amendment is essentially odorless,” said South Glengarry Deputy Clerk Crystal Lebrun in a presentation to Council on Monday night. “Staff say that they do feel that they are making a small impact by diverting this waste from the landfills.”

The pilot program, that was approved by Council on Monday night, will see the Township purchase 100 FoodCyclers at a cost of $11,300 which will be taken from the Township’s Waste Management Reserve.

Participants can apply for their FoodCycler on a first come, first serve basis, and will be charged the relatively small cost of $120 for the FoodCycler, plus tax. Lebrun explained that should more than 100 residents come forward wanting their own FoodCycler, then their names will be entered into a lottery to receive one.

FoodCycle Science will collect data on the use of the FoodCycler from participants as well as on the pilot program itself from the Township.

“I’ve received a number of positive messages from residents saying “sign me up, where can I get mine,”” said Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden. “I’m 100 per cent in favour of it and hoping other members are too.”

Councillor Stephanie Jaworski explained that a recent municipal survey showed that over half of all non-recyclable waste that was going to South Glengarry landfills were organic.

“Considering the challenges we have with landfill capacity and our greatly reducing landfill capacity we need to find solutions to help our residents reduce what’s going to landfills, particularly what shouldn’t be going to landfill,” she said.

Now that Township Council has approved implementation of the program, administration will begin advertising it and seeking participants through local newspapers and social media.

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