South Glengarry to celebrate its volunteers

Nick Seebruch
South Glengarry to celebrate its volunteers
South Glengarry Volunteers Linda Roy

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ontario – South Glengarry is preparing for its Fourth Annual Volunteer Appreciation Wine and Cheese on Dec. 8 at the Char-Lan Recreation Centre.

The event is open to all volunteers who are invited to drop in and enjoy some company and refreshments. Mayor Ian McLeod will open the evening with a thank you to all of the volunteers who help keep the South Glengarry community going.

South Glengarry depends on its volunteers who give up their free time to serve on Council Committees, and who keep organizations like the Knight’s of Columbus and Meals on Wheels going. Schools and churches in South Glengarry also have volunteers worthy of recognition because without them the community events organized by those institutions would not be possible.

The event will start at 6 p.m. and go until 8 p.m.

Anyone interested in going to the event are invited to contact Kelli Campeau at the Township of South Glengarry to RSVP. She can be reached at or 613-347-1166 ext. 264.

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