South Stormont applies for over $2 million in ICIP funding

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By Shawna O'Neill
South Stormont applies for over $2 million in ICIP funding

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – During the first South Stormont Council meeting of 2020 on Jan. 8, Council authorized the submission of an application to the province for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Green Fund.

If approved, the funding will be used to supplement the sanitary sewer rehabilitation of Elm St. and Maxwell St. in Ingleside, which has received overall condition ratings ranging from good to severe.

The project would come with an estimated price tag of approx. $2.7 million. If approved, about 73 per cent, or $2,001,332, would be government funded (federal and provincial). The Township would allocate the remaining 27 per cent, or $728,377, to the 2021/2022 Ingleside Sewer and Transportation Services Budget.

The Township’s Asset Management Plan (AMP) indicated that specifically 1,204 meters of sanitary sewer would need to be replaced, along with 12 manholes and any sewer sections that are identified as a health and safety risk to residents. Manhole deficiencies have been identified as a health and safety issue to travelling public and workers.

Funding would also include reconstruction of the road as a result of the sewer and manhole replacement, while any sidewalk replacement, entrance rehabilitation and drainage would be at the expense of the Township.

The project would also include 135m connecting sewer and waterline on Wales Dr.

To read the official Council document about the projected project, click here.

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