South Stormont Council receives presentation on 676 acre logistics hub

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South Stormont Council receives presentation on 676 acre logistics hub
A comparison of the size of the proposed logistics hub when compared to the village of Long Sault in yellow.

LONG SAULT, Ontario – At their meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 10, South Stormont Township Council received a presentation from Camino, a joint venture between Avenue 31, and Canadian Rail and Equipment Works Inc. on their plan to build a 676 acre logistics hub just north of the village of Long Sault.

The hub will be located between Hwy. 401 to its north and the CN rail line to its south and between Moulinette and Avonmore roads, with planned access points on either road.

Goals that Camino laid out to Council for the project included job creation for the region, as well as addressing climate change and supply chain issues by creating efficiencies with this new hub in Long Sault.

“We see Long Sault and see the municipality of South Stormont located on a transportation super highway,” said Camino’s representative who was only identified as Paul.

Paul also pointed to Long Sault and South Stormont as being well situated in terms of access to the U.S. market.

“We are also blessed by a number of international border crossings with the United States in this area,” he said. “What we really see today, we see Eastern Ontario, we see the United Counties, South Stormont and Long Sault as really the centre of a very dynamic region.”

Camino has already placed the site in question under contract, and is now in the process of consulting with the municipality and CN Rail before submitting a site plan submission for the first phase of the project. Once that process is completed, they plan on beginning construction on the first phase of the project, Phase A, by 2023.

Phase A of the project would see the construction of a rail yard on the site. In all the plan for the full development of the site has been divided into five phases that will eventually see multiple warehouse and office structures built, as well as a large area for shipping. Phases will be implemented from Avonmore Rd. in the east, finishing at Moulinette Rd. in the west.

Deputy Mayor Dave Smith put a couple of questions to Camino’s representatives that included concerns about damage to Avonmore Rd. and Moulinette Rd. during the construction. Both roads are under the jurisdiction of the United Counties of SD&G.

Camino said that they would be conducting a road impact assessment and will work with the United Counties to ensure that the roads remain in good condition.

Additionally, Camino’s representatives stated that much of the truck traffic at first will be confined to Avonmore Rd. and Moulinette Rd. and will for the most part avoid travelling through the village of Long Sault.

The site where Camino is planning on building the logistics hub is currently home to a large forest. Camino stated that they would be working with the local conservation authority to help ensure the ecological integrity of the region.

Councillor Jennifer MacIsaac asked how many jobs would be created by the first phase of the project. Camino estimates that the rail yard will see 70 new jobs created.

South Stormont residents are being invited to submit their feedback on Camino’s website

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