South Stormont fully lifts burn ban

Image of Nick Seebruch
By Nick Seebruch
South Stormont fully lifts burn ban
Roasting marshmallows on a stick over the open fire.

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – Effective April 29, the Township of South Stormont has fully lifted its burn ban.

The Township first implemented the ban in March to help ensure that Fire Services were only responding to essential calls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, on April 24, the Township lifted the ban for agricultural fires only, today’s announcement lifts the ban for all Open Air Burns.

“Residents are reminded that while the burn ban has been lifted across the Township, all fires must adhere to all conditions in the Open Air Burn By-law (2009-040) which can be accessed on ” reads a statement from the Township. “The Township will implement a zero tolerance policy for failure to follow the conditions of the Open Air Burn By-law which can result in significant fines. Burn permits are not required for recreational/cooking fires, however they are required for all other Open Air Fires, including Farm/Rural Open Air Fires and Windrows.”

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