Starbucks being planned for Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall

Starbucks being planned for Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Coffee drinkers will love this – a Starbucks is being planned for Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall, the city’s first.

The city’s planning advisory committee will meet Monday night to learn some of the details concerning the Starbucks that could be built in the same plaza that currently holds Shoppers Drug Mart and Boston Pizza on Brookdale near the Thirteenth Street intersection.

A numbered company, 7178298 Canada Inc., has filed an application with the city for a $4,900 grant to help with some of the site plan work at the location.

The numbered company is also known as Harden Management, with an address in Hawkesbury.

Marc-Andre Berube of Harden Management confirmed construction is likely to begin later this year.

It will depend on city approval. When we receive the permits we will begin,” said Berube, adding building permits are in the midst of being filed. “There will be places to sit (at the coffee house) and a drive-thru.”

An announcement that the world-famous coffee brewers are opening up shop in Cornwall has not been made by the company, but the way one city councillor was talking Thursday the news will be welcomed in Cornwall.

“We’re definitely a coffee-drinking town,” said Coun. Elaine MacDonald, who added she supports providing the grant money to get the planning work at the site completed. “That whole lot was a brownfield lot. Piece by piece we have helped people in negotiating to get things done there.

“I would support that wholeheartedly. That’s the only way we will fill infield in an inner city.”

A representative of Starbucks was not immediately available for comment.

Documents filed with city hall suggest the facility will be situated on the east side of the property, facing into the parking lot.

Coun. Maurice Dupelle, who is also the planning advisory committee chair, said construction of the Starbucks has been discussed among city officials previously as part of other committee work.

While he could not provide specifics, Dupelle suggested construction might begin this fall.

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