Thirty firefighters battled blaze at Williamstown clubhouse

Thirty firefighters battled blaze at Williamstown clubhouse
South Glengarry Fire Department

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – A fire that destroyed the clubhouse at Paul Rozon Park in Williamstown on Friday is being treated as suspicious by the South Glengarry Fire Service.

According to their report, the building was severely damaged by the three-alarm fire and will likely need to be taken down.

Fire Chief Vic Leroux confirmed that the township-owned structure is covered by insurance.

Thirty firefighters from Williamstown, Lancaster, and Martintown were at the scene.

No injuries have been reported.

The OPP and the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management have been notified of the incident.

On the Williamstown Friends of the Park Facebook page, concerned residents used words like: sad, terrible, shocking, and awful. A post from the page admin said: “the storage room at the back is ok but the other part has been destroyed.

South Glengarry councillor Trevor Bougie commented: “It is very unfortunate that the clubhouse was destroyed but the Township and the community will work together to ensure it is rebuilt so that we can continue to enjoy our great park in South Glengarry!

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