TOLL HIKE: Bridge corporation announces increase to $3.50

TOLL HIKE: Bridge corporation announces increase to $3.50
Travel on the new low-level bridge to Cornwall Island may be disrupted this weekend.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Just before the Canada Day celebration the Federal Bridge Corporation quietly announced a hike to the cost of making the crossing at Cornwall.

As of Aug. 1 it will cost $3.50 instead of $3.25 for cars, while similar adjustments will be made for larger vehicles.

A press release detailing the hikes was issues at around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The Seaway International Bridge Corp. (SIBC) is crying hard times, suggesting it has done all it can when it comes to saving operating costs when it comes to maintenance, overall salaries and admin costs.

The toll increase is the first in 10 years.

“This increase will generate new revenues as over the next 15 years, SIBC will need to sustain its operations and fund significant projects such as bridge painting, maintenance and repair works and the future deck replacement of the South Channel Bridge,” the agency said in its press release.

SIBC recently completed the construction of a low-level bridge in Cornwall and work is being done to demolish the previous structure.

In 2015-16 total toll revenues collected at SIBC were $3.3 million. There has been an ongoing decrease as truck revenues have gone down by 50 per cent over the last decade.

“This reduction is mainly caused by the closing of the Domtar, General Motors and Alcoa plants as well as the opening of the Montreal Highway 30 bypass,” said SIBC.

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