UPDATE: Frost to resign, complains of too much ‘rhetoric’ in Cornwall

UPDATE: Frost to resign, complains of too much ‘rhetoric’ in Cornwall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Coun. Brock Frost sent a one-line email Tuesday afternoon to Seaway News indicating he will resign from office effective July 1.

“I have decided to step down from council. My last day will be July 1/15,” was all the email said.

Frost later sent an email with the subject: “Final Comment” that included more detail:

In February of this year I made a conscious decision to move to Ottawa to pursue better business opportunities in real estate. I signed papers for a condo on Feb. 25, completed my broker course on April 23, officially moved to Ottawa on May 1 and resigned from Storm Realty on May 4 (to be effective as of June 1).

“I had full intentions of finishing out my term on council….until recently.

“The past few months, and more so the past few weeks, have truly solidified my reason for moving. Put bluntly, I have no more time or energy to deal with the incessant drama, gossip and online rhetoric that has become to define the City of Cornwall.

“This was the right move for me and I am extremely happy for the decision I made today.

“Thank you once again to all my supporters, you know who you are. Because of you all, I leave Cornwall with a feeling of pure sweet-sorrow.”

The email came from an account Frost typically uses when corresponding with the media.

Frost was recently charged by police in Levis, Que. with fraud and uttering a forged document.

Nothing against him has been proven in court.

At the same time he also admitted, in email correspondence with the media that he had moved to Ottawa.

The news has not been officially confirmed by city hall, but clerk Helen Finn said at about 3:15 p.m. that she had received correspondence from Frost indicating he has made a decision.

“Let’s just say, I just got something,” she said. “I must get some things clarified.”

Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy withheld comment until he received something official on the subject.

Guy St-Jean finished in 11th spot in last fall’s municipal election, but has since moved away from the city.

In 12th was former long-time city councillor Denis Carr.

Reached in England where he is visiting family, Carr reserved comment on a possible return to city hall.

Former councillor Glen Grant finished in 13th spot.

City councils in the past, that have had to fill a spot mid-term, have often selected a person who finished in 11th place for the 10-person municipal body.

Council could also opt to hold a by-election, but that seems unlikely.

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