UPDATE: Passengers, crew cleared from stricken vessel in seaway lock

CORNWALL, Ontario – A passenger ship that struck a Massena-area lock has been cleared of passengers, according to reports.

Officials used a crane with a bucket to remove passengers from the Saint Laurent that crashed into a gate at the Eisenhower Lock Thursday night, said WWNY TV.

As of Friday evening, officials said everyone was off the ship.

United States Coast Guard and Seaway officials are said to be trying to figure out how the Saint Laurent plowed into the lock gate.

There have been conflicting reports about just how many people were injured, with some saying as many as 30 were taken from the vessel to hospitals.

The ship remains in the lock and a portion of the St. Lawrence Seaway has been closed to traffic while officials determine what to do next.

WWNY reported that a passenger and crew member remained hospitalized as of Friday afternoon.

An initial damage assessment indicated that 10 feet of the bow was pushed inward during the impact, causing water to leak into the bow area, the station also reported. 

The ship will remain in the lock with both doors closed until it is safely refloated and can be moved to different location.

Some 274 passengers and crew were aboard the ship when the accident took place.

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