VAGABOND THEATRE: Fifty shades of funny

VAGABOND THEATRE: Fifty shades of funny
Scott Beaudoin

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Vagabond Theatre Company is well positioned to open its upcoming production of the hilarious farce, Sin Sex and the CIA, by the husband and wife playwriting team of Michael and Susan Parker.

Huge oil reserves have been discovered in the Chagos Islands, and O.P.E.C. is pressuring the Chagosians to join the cartel. A bumbling, fumbling CIA agent (Scott Beaudoin) and an over-sexed, under Secretary of State (Laurie Menzer), are sent to a safe house in the mountains of Virginia, to begin negotiations.

Set in a remote cottage, in the woods, with no cell service, it’s a typical farce with “all the doors,” of course, said Laurie McRae Bingley, the play’s director.

“No one really knows who the Island’s representative is, and we are left to wonder how the CIA agent ever got the job,” she explains. “He gets caught in his own booby traps, electrocutes himself, sets fire to himself, gets a bucket stuck to his head, and finally locks himself in his own hand cuffs.”

Added to the chaos are a stranded televangelist (Alan Mills) and his innocent secretary (Jenny Dagenais), an ex-Marine caretaker (Gary Davies), who isn’t what he seems to be, and a mysterious, glamorous neighbour (Pat Lloyd). Rounding out the cast of this fast-pace romp is Julianne Smit Brousseau.

There are bunch of mix-ups that go on, explained McRae Bingley. They are not sure who this rep is and it’s a guessing game as to what the code words are as they are inadvertently said on several occasions by different people. And of course, there are “sexual mishaps.” What farce would be complete without them.

“There’s going to be a lot of laughter,” she assures, with painstakingly choreographed physical comedy. “Each character is very diversified; the actors are doing a great job.”

Despite some innocent sexual entendres, the play is suitable for the entire family.

Sin Sex and the CIA runs March 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 8 pm and March 22 at 2 pm at Dream Builders Studio 2107 Second Street West.

Tickets are $15 and are available at Scotiabank and the Seaway Senior Citizen Club, 1010 Guy Street Suite 109. For further information, call Dan Youmelle at 613-938-1930 or visit

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