WDMH celebrates nursing team

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WDMH celebrates nursing team
Jennifer Merkley Lifelong Learner Award WEB.

WINCHESTER, Ontario – Each year during National Nursing Week, the WDMH team pauses to celebrate the contributions of our fellow nurses – to their profession, their colleagues. and the patients we care for.

Nurses are nominated by their peers for exemplifying the qualities of Nursing Leadership and Lifelong Learning. A WDMH team is celebrated for its collaboration.  And this year, a new award was introduced, in honour of Debbie Stoodley. Debbie was a Registered Nurse at WDMH for more than 40 years who sadly passed earlier this year.

“These annual awards shine a light on WDMH’s amazing nursing team and the work they do every day. This recognition is even more meaningful during the COVID-19 pandemic,” noted Nathalie Boudreau, Vice President of Clinical Care.

The 2021 Nursing Leadership Award was presented to Megan O’Brien. Megan is a new nurse who is inspiring everyone with her focus on ‘One Team’. “Her upbeat and hardworking attitude should be an example for all nursing staff,” said her nominators.” She participates in huddles, rounds and interprofessional discussions as a true leader; questioning in a kind and compassionate manner to increase her own understanding while shedding light on patient concerns. It will be a pleasure to see Megan grow as an RN and continue to lead by example.”

Congratulations to Jenn Merkley who received the 2021 Lifelong Learner Award. Jenn is the Team Leader in Obstetrics and has embraced her new role.  Her nominators noted: “Jenn’s passion of learning and teaching shines. She is always gathering best practice guidelines to share with the team, and she has created effective learning initiatives for both staff and patients.”

Teamwork is essential to the safe delivery of nursing services and the 2021 Team Collaboration Award goes to the Bed Management Team. This team was created in late 2020 to help support better patient transitions throughout WDMH. “This team meets daily for a quick huddle and has improved communication.  It has created efficiencies, even with our extremely high number of patients. The collaboration is exemplary. They show that you can get it done while having fun,” said their nominators.  Kudos to Sean Burnett, Joanne Pollock, Brittany Coleman, Sherry Roberts, and Jessica Burnett

Debbie Stoodley’s commitment to the nursing profession and to WDMH was and is well-known by all who knew her.  Debbie worked at WDMH for 40 years and even returned after her retirement to help her WDMH family and this community get through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Debbie will always be a cherished member of our team and a true example of what it means to be committed to the nursing profession.

The inaugural Debbie Stoodley Memorial Award for Commitment to Nursing was presented to Reta Lalonde. In presenting the award, it was noted that: “Reta is someone, who with the assistance of others, has planned parties, fundraisers, and other activities to bring a level of fun and excitement to our WDMH family. She is always available when you call, willing to help out where needed, and devoted to the nursing profession. And like Debbie, Reta’s devotion even led her out of retirement to help us get through COVID.”  Thank you Reta!

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees.

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