WDMH Foundation Annual General Meeting Focuses on Teamwork – and Giving

provided by Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation
WDMH Foundation Annual General Meeting Focuses on Teamwork – and Giving
Douglas Robinson

Douglas Robinson bought his family’s farm from his grandparents close to three decades ago. At the time, he remembers a community volunteer coming to meet with him to ask for a donation for Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH). He was happy to give what he could. Thirty years later, Douglas and his family are still giving – this time for the new Dundas Manor.

Douglas is giving in another way too. At the WDMH Foundation’s Annual General Meeting this month, Douglas joined the Board of Directors. “We all have to do something,” says Douglas. “Members of our family have been cared for at WDMH and have lived at Dundas Manor. We will all use these services someday.”

Douglas and his family have pledged $25,000 to the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care Campaign and he encourages everyone to give what they can. “We have pledged that money over the next 10 years which works out to about $200 a month,” he explains. “When you break the amount down over several years, it isn’t so bad. It really adds up. I’m telling my friends and helping to spread the word.”

At the Annual General Meeting, that focus on teamwork was highlighted. WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman noted: “The WDMH Foundation has existed for thirty years. While much has changed over three decades, the basic premise of why we are here has not. We care for one another. We all want to have excellent care close to home. And we all know that it takes a village to make that happen. Thank you so much for that.”

Board Chair Trisha Elliott echoed Kristen’s comments: “Because of our wonderful donors, the WDMH Foundation has written a cheque to Winchester District Memorial Hospital for $922,993.77. Among other things, this money has been used to purchase nine new pieces of equipment to care for patients.”

Trisha also provided an update on the new Dundas Manor: “From the Sapphires & Snowflakes gala to gnomes popping up on front lawns to the recently-launched Raise the Roof Lottery where you can win a shiny, red Jeep, our community has stepped up to help build this special new home in our community. To date, $13.3 of the $18 million needed has been raised. And we will get there together. Thank you to those who have already donated and to all those considering a gift to Dundas Manor.”

In addition to welcoming Douglas to the Board, three Board members were thanked for their commitment of time and expertise as they finish their term on the Board: Bruce Millar, Tina Asselin and Laura Fletcher.

“We are still looking for additional Board members,” summed up Kristen Casselman. “We would love to welcome you to our team.”  Anyone interested in joining the Board is encouraged to contact Kristen at 613-774-2422 ext. 6169.   The Board meets six times per year and volunteers is also asked  to attend Foundation and community hosted events.

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