WDMH is leading the way in Clinical Trial research

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WDMH is leading the way in Clinical Trial research
The Winchester District Memorial Hospital (Photo : WDMH)

There are many clinical trials taking place at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) – and they are having an impact. Clinical trials can support patients, offering benefits such as new treatments or better drug options.

In addition to supporting future care, the clinical trials are also making a name for WDMH on the research stage. In fact, over the past few months, WDMH has been the top recruiting site in Canada for three separate Health Canada-approved international clinical trials! We have recruited more patients for each trial than any other site in Canada. Plus, we are ranked number three worldwide for one of the trials!

William Leclair is one of those patients. When his doctor asked him if he’d like to be involved in a heart study, he immediately said yes. “I thought it was very worthwhile. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from knowing more. And if it didn’t help me, it might help someone else. In fact, I think I have a better understanding of my health issues now which is great.”

Chief Research Officer Dr. Mohamed Gazarin explains the benefits of these trials: “Patients enrolled in clinical trials at WDMH receive regular and careful medical attention from our research team. Every day, I see how enrollment in clinical trials makes patients feel better. They tell me they are taking an active part in their care and are excited to be part of something that will generate evidence to guide medical care in the future.”

The three trials include the Janssen E-Coli trial, which is examining the safety and efficacy of a vaccine to prevent complications associated with urinary tract infections caused by E-Coli bacteria. The Pfizer Covid trial is aiming to determine the most effective treatment length of Paxlovid to treat immunocompromised patients with COVID-19. Lastly, the Pfizer Heart Failure trial is looking to assess how common Transthyretin amyloidosis (ATTR-CM) is among patients with heart failure, to estimate the global prevalence of this disease.

WDMH is currently involved in 10 Health Canada-approved international clinical trials.

“I’m really proud that Winchester Hospital is doing this and is a leader in these clinical trials,” adds William Leclair. “It’s great for our rural hospital to be involved in research.”

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