Xplornet to bring 130 new jobs to Cornwall

Nick Seebruch
Xplornet to bring 130 new jobs to Cornwall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Xplornet has announced that it will invest $40 million in the Cornwall area over the next five-years. The result of this investment will be a new multi-purpose regional office in Cornwall and 130 new full-time jobs.

“Our customers live in rural communities across Canada. To continue our heritage of providing exceptional customer service, we choose to invest in rural communities,” said Xplornet CEO Allison Lenehan. “We think Cornwall and the surrounding areas inEastern Ontario are representative of our customers and ultimately, of rural Canada itself. This expansion promises exciting opportunities for our company, and we envision an equally bright future for our operations in Cornwall.”

The new multi-function office, which will be the first of its kind for Xplornet, will have technical service, customer care, sales, network and corporate support positions available.

Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaugnessy welcomed the news.

“The City of Cornwall continues to boast a highly skilled and diverse workforce that can meet the needs of innovative companies like Xplornet,” he said. “The decision to undertake an investment like this demonstrates Cornwall’s appeal for new investment, and will serve as a catalyst for further development in Cornwall’s historic Cotton Mills district.”

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