Bring on the SASS to fundraise in style

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By Shawna O'Neill
Bring on the SASS to fundraise in style
Juli Fashion models showcasing their style at a local Lion's Club fundraiser, set to appear at Bring on the SASS (Submitted photo).

CORNWALL, Ontario – A fashion show, spaghetti dinner, live entertainment and more is set to fundraise for Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Friday, May 3.

Organized by locals Janice Beverdam, Betty Vinet and Susan O’Connell, tickets to Bring on the SASS are priced at $25, and attendees can enjoy a night of fun with doors opening at 5 p.m.

O’Connell explained that SASS approached her and her co-organizers following a recent fundraiser for the Ingleside Long Sault Lost Villages Lion’s Club. The trio, always looking to accomplish good deeds and organize local fundraisers, thought that SASS would be a worthy, charitable organization to support. 

“There is (a lot of) sexual assaults in the city…we feel that so many women have been abused…we just thought this is a very viable group, and there has been an awful lot of cutbacks from the Ford government for groups that take care of serious issues in the community…” said O’Connell. 

“Proceeds will be going to programming towards clients…as well as programming for the public,” said Amanda Marini-Rohde, SASS Volunteer Coordinator. “Like SASS socials, guest speakers coming in, something unique for clients to experience, as well as our healing art group (overseen) by Kim Bauersfeld for paint and canvases…”

Marini-Rohde explained that proceeds may also benefit girls camps that take place every three to four months, where they discuss topics like healthy relationships, female empowerment, communication and body image.

“We are funded but we still require funds,” said Marini-Rohde, explaining that Ministry funds mostly cover operational costs. “This improves quality of opportunities for clients really…our last fundraiser was a success but this one here, the women have been really working hard on it…I think there’s going to be a Spring feel and it will be really nice.”

To order tickets in advance, call Susan O’Connell at 613-550-0613 or 613-534-9133. 

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