Carefor Puts the Care in Personal Support Work

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Carefor Puts the Care in Personal Support Work


Micheline Matte took the first PSW course offered by St. Lawrence College 20 years ago. She entered long-term care hoping to eventually go into nursing, but motherhood had other plans. After 19 years of LTC work, Micheline was burnt out. Like many PSWs, strict timelines and minimal resources meant that there was little to no time to really care for patients.

“I just wasn’t the same person at all. You go into it with so much compassion and patience and you want to do so much good, but after so many years it just feels like nothing you do matters,” said Micheline.

Enter Carefor.

Around seven years ago, Micheline was looking for a change. A friend of hers had started working for Carefor and she figured it was worth a shot.

“I tried it, and I just couldn’t believe it because it didn’t feel like it was work. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do what I was doing,” she shared, “I didn’t feel at all like I had in the past 19 years. I was me. They really appreciate everything you do so you begin to feel worthy again. You’re doing something to make a difference.”
– Micheline Matte

Micheline had to give up some things to make the switch. She took a pay cut, lost seniority, and vacation time, but none of that mattered. She had watched many of her fellow PSWs become cold and hard over the years, as well as suffer from poor health, and she did not want the same for herself.

So, what makes Carefor so different? It’s the quality of time and attention they give to both their clients and staff.

“In long term care you’ve basically got your timeline… people need to be up for breakfast, back to bed, toilet, lunch. There isn’t really time for anything,” Micheline explained, “Here, they give you so much time to spend with clients. Their personal care is so personal, it’s not hurry up and get it done. If you want to take a nice bath or shower, were going to do it all and it’s going to feel nice for you. We’re not only given five minutes.”

Carefor is always on the lookout for PSWs with heart to provide compassionate care in seniors’ homes and healthcare facilities. For many clients, Carefor workers are like family; they’re the only people some of these seniors see on a regular basis.

Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare provider or recent graduate, Carefor has a lot to offer new employees including rewarding pay and benefits programs, flexible or set work schedules, and staff development opportunities.

Most of all, they offer employees the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of clients.

For more information about employment opportunities and what makes Carefor special, visit

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