Protesters against meat at Cornwall Ribfest

John MacGillis
Protesters against meat at Cornwall Ribfest
Six protesters outside of Ribfest, bearing signs with messages against eating meat (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – As smoke from ribs and other meats filled the air at Lamoureux Park, around six protesters handed out pamphlets at the clock tower to discourage eating meat at Cornwall Ribfest on Saturday, July 27.

“We’re just here to remind people that there is no humane way to kill an animal and events like this are based around killing animals,” said Michele Thorn, one of the protesters.

The goal of the protest was to show Ribfest attendees alternatives to meat produce, such as Tim Hortons and A&W’s Beyond Meat options, according to Thorn. Cornwall has also become more open to the idea of meat-free alternatives, said Thorn.

“When we started, people were a little less receptive towards our message, but lately more and more people are willing to hear us out and take our pamphlets,” she said.

Protesters also mentioned the success of vegetable-based food festivals, such as the Ottawa Veg Fest. “I’m not sure if Cornwall is ready for something of that size yet, but I think eventually it would be nice to see the Cornwall vegetarian and vegan community have an event,” said Thorn.

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