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Seaway News Letters to Santa
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For the month of December, Seaway News  published letters to Santa, because Santa reads the Seaway News. Below are the Christmas wishes we received from our readers.

Dear Santa,

I would like a LEGO house, a Barbie house, a remote control plane, I want to give my mom 10 love stickers.

DJ Pilon


Dear Santa,

My name is Fraser MacCuaig and I am presently 3 years old. I have been a very good boy this year. I help my mommy every day. Mommy says that I am a big boy and big helper. She says that I am very good with my little sister, Sadie. For Christmas, I would like to get anything from Paw Patrol. I really like Chase, Marshall, and Rubble. I also like cars. Mommy says those are my favourite. I promise to leave some carrots for the reindeer as I know they have been working hard at pulling your sleigh and I will leave some milk and cookies for you as a treat. Please say hello to Rudolph for me!

Merry Christmas and Thank you,
Fraser MacCuaig

Dear Santa,

My name is Sadie MacCuaig. I am 1 years old. My mommy and daddy say that I have been very good this year. Daddy says that I bring such a big smile to his face. He says that I have been very good and that I have been learning a lot this year. I am very excited for Christmas. For Christmas I would like some blocks and cars to play with my big brother. Fraser says that I need my own cars to play with. I love to play cars with him. Please give Dasher a hug for me and say Hello to Mrs. Claus.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Sadie MacCuaig

Dear Santa,

My name is Jrue and this is my first Christmas and My mom said I have been a really good boy.
I’m new here so I don’t need much this Christmas. I love my bath and would like some bath toys to play with once I get a bit bigger. I would also like some musical toys like rattles and shakers.
Don’t forget treats for my puppies Ace and Cali.
I hope everyone stays safe this Christmas. Mom said we will leave cookies and milk for Santa and sugar for the reindeer‘s.

Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a grey bean bag/ unicorn bean bag, a kid’s pink guitar, choakers, unicorn decorations/ unicorn stuff, notebooks for writing up lyrics for making up songs, music, $50 Google Play card.
Merry Christmas and stay safe.

Love and caring,

Dear Santa,

I’ve been pretty good this year. This is what I want for Christmas:
A lot of big Pokémon packs, Go Marvel, a hd of Home Alone, Sonic and Mario little packs, Sonic and Mario stuffy.

From Michael to Santa, age 8

Dear Santa,

I wish you have a good Christmas and a very happy and healthy new years!! I hope you make it to everyone’s house. I would like to get some presents and my brothers Quincy and Cameron and sister Sydney too. And don’t forget my new (very big) dog Mia. Be safe Santa Claus!!! we will leave milk , cookies and carrots for the reindeer.
take care.

Love, Riley Houle, 7 yrs old
Hi Santa,

My name is Ava! I am in Grade 2 at Bishop MacDonell Catholic School and I think I have been a very nice girl this year. I hope you and Mrs.Claus have been doing well despite everything…my family has been thinking about you all ❤ This year for Christmas I would like a LOL Ball and maybe something from the unboxing videos I like so much, please? We will leave out chocolate chip cookies, milk and carrots. Merry Christmas, Santa!

Love Ava Charlebois 7 3/4 years old
P.S. Don’t eat too many Christmas cookies LOL

Dear Santa,

My name is Gracie, or LuLu, and I am 5 years old. I am in Senior Kindergarten at Bishop MacDonell and I am a really good girl at school and at home. This Christmas, I want so many things but I know that I can’t get everything I want because maybe the elves are sick so I hope you can bring me Hatchimals or something from YouTube? I make my family laugh all…the…time…so I hope that helps me be on the Nice List again this year!? Goodbye Santa, thank you!!

Love Gracie Charlebois 5 years old

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presents last year. I was in CHEO for Christmas last year so mom and dad brought my presents to me. This year I will be home, we are crossing our fingers that everything goes good. This year I would like more monster trucks especially Captain America, spiderman, shrek toys, trains, fire truck, Abbie from Sesame Street, new headphones because I keep breaking mine and my Christmas wish, I wish for the people who have the virus to get better and that the virus goes away. Sorry I didn’t leave any cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer this year I will leave double.

Dominick Caine

Dear Santa,

We would like to start and say thank you for the lovely presents we got last year. We had lots of time and fun playing with them while our school was closed. In the time we have bin off of school it was very difficult to be good and not fight, but mommy says we did good due to the unfortunate circumstances.
We also learnt a lot while being off of school, like how to save money we make while helping our mom around the house. It was difficult but our mommy has a baby in her belly so we are trying to understand that she needs lots of help when daddy at work, so mommy gave us 1$ everyday we helped her out. it was so fun making our own money like big girls we were able to buy our own toys on our birthday!!
So we decided we are gonna buy some presents for others this year and so far we made up to 20$ each! We also decided to donate a lot of toys this year to make room for our baby brothers stuff, he has ALOT of stuff for a tiny baby! But we are so excited for him to get here. Mommy says he should be here by DEC 7th but he seems to be comfy so we don’t think so HAHA!
This year we don’t want to much maybe just some chicken play doh, a Barbie Dream Car Bikes, Flying Fairies, and an ELF on the Shelf. We heard our friends ave one and their lots of fun!. And maybe some baby toys for our brother. We will be leaving out cookies and milk for your journey, and we hope you are staying safe and healthy this year, and have an amazing Christmas!

Jersey & Lyla Cameron

Dear Santa,

My name is Hailey Bougie. I am seven-years-old. I would like an XBox and XBox games. I would also like a bunny, squishies, and toys. Also, one more thing, Rodblox gift card.

Thank you.
Hailey Bougie

Hello Santa,

My name is Jack Daye and I am 8 years old. I’m in third grade at Longue Sault Public School. Thank you very much for the gift you gave me last year!
This year I would really like a magnetic tiles race track. Could I also have a purple Powerade drink, a bag of Doritos and maybe a few snacks?
On Christmas Eve my brother Will and I will leave out cookies and chocolate milk for you and some carrots for your reindeer.

Thank you so much,
Jack Daye

Hi Santa!

My name is Will Daye and I am 5 years old. I’m in SK at Longue Sault Public School. I’ve been working really hard at school. I’ve also been working really hard at hockey. I love it!
Thank you very much for the Hot Wheels track last year.
This year I would sure like to have a Playmobil barn and silo. Could you also bring me a new Hot Wheels car?!
On Christmas Eve my brother Jack and I will leave out cookies and chocolate milk for you and some carrots for your reindeer.

Thank you so much,
Will Daye


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