Aren’t we forgetting something?

Nick Seebruch
Aren’t we forgetting something?

The day after Halloween in my neighbourhood Christmas decorations started appearing on my neighbours’ homes.

I know some people whose homes were already decorated for Christmas in advance of Halloween.

While I appreciate their excitement for “The most wonderful time of the year” they seem to be forgetting something. They seem to be forgetting that between now and Christmas, there is an occasion that still needs to be observed, an occasion that we have the duty to observe.

November 11th, Remembrance Day should not be overshadowed by Christmas. It isn’t as flashy, no one gets any presents and that’s the way it should be. Remembrance Day should be a solemn time between Halloween and Christmas where we as a country take the time to honour those who fought for the military and were forever changed by it.

Really, it is only a short time on November 11th that we truly pause to reflect on that sacrifice and for two weeks before that we wear poppies to show our appreciation to veterans. In perspective, this is a very brief amount of time to remember such a huge sacrifice compared to the energy and time spent on Halloween and Christmas. Perhaps that’s because there is no candy or gifts to buy.

I spoke with both the Cornwall Legion and the RCAF Wing in town and they gave me their perspectives on it.

“I think it is too soon,” said Linda Fisher of the Cornwall Legion. “Put a flag up, put some poppies up, but don’t start decorating for Christmas until after Remembrance Day.”

Peter Hood over at the RCAF Wing remarked how eager the stores are to get Christmas decorations on their shelves.

“Normally putting up Christmas decorations happens after the 11th is my understanding,” he said. “But the stores have gone haywire and have really commercialized it. We don’t put up Christmas decorations at the Wing until after the 11th and I don’t at my home either, but I’m military and that’s the way that it is.”

There are 12 full days between the end of Halloween and Remembrance Day. Is it too much to restrain ourselves for less than two-weeks before we get wrapped up in the food, fun and frenzy of the Christmas season?

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