Is there enough to go around?

Nick Seebruch

Christmas is nearly upon us. On the date of publication of this paper it will be a mere three days away. Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping? Sent out all of your cards? Set your Christmas dinner plans, or worse, are ready to travel?

All of this can make Christmas time some of the most stressful days of the year and they seem to last forever, but it shouldn’t be that way. Because more important than the gifts, cards, food and traveling is being able to look back on your accomplishments of the past year and plan on how you can improve during the next. If anything Christmas is supposed to be a time of the year that promotes peace, is it not?

Christmas is the celebration of good deeds and not just around the holidays, but all year round. That being the case, Cornwall has a lot to be proud of this holiday season. The past few weeks, in this column and throughout our paper, Seaway News has been highlighting all of the great works that happen around this City at this time of year.

There’s the work of the Optimist Club. Their toy drive and food drive make sure that no child goes without a Christmas. The Agapè Centre and Agora Centre make sure that not only do people have something to eat on Christmas Day, but also, that they don’t have to eat it alone.

Since the kickoff of the United Way Fundraising Campaign in early September, I have seen countless businesses and individuals come together to support this good cause. The United Way supports many causes throughout this community, but their Executive Director Lori Greer and Co-Campaign Chairs Bill Makinson and Pauline Bray have made it clear that all of their work would not be possible without, as they’ve said time and time again, the community of heroes that support them.

Back at the United Way Campaign kickoff breakfast, I heard a poignant question that has stuck with me and that I have thought about since, and that question was: “Is there enough charity to go around?”

From what I’ve seen, there’s more than enough. Citizens of Cornwall are more than ready to dig deep and donate to causes that they believe in, whether it be with time or money.

The team from Home Depot and Baxtrom’s Independent Grocer’s went out this passed Wednesday to deliver Christmas meals for the needy. As mentioned Optimist Toy Drive also had meals to give out specifically for families and the children at St. Columban’s West have been collecting presents and food for families of needy children.

There is no shortage of kindness in Cornwall, whether it be put towards large scale efforts like toy drives, or smaller personal acts of kindness.

I know I benefitted from acts of kindness from the people of Cornwall this year. Without a tip from one person, I might not have gotten this job, and I wouldn’t be here writing this now, and for that I’m forever grateful.

So, in all of the rush around this time of year, take a moment, or a few, to stop and think about all the good being done all around you and think about what you will contribute next year.

From everyone here at Seaway News Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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