LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inactive committee caused condo issue

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inactive committee caused condo issue
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There has bene much discussion over the past few weeks, both in the press and in the community regarding C.H. Clement’s vision for condos on the waterfront.

I believe that all this could have been prevented if the mayor had identified the City Councillors on the Waterfront land Development Committee. The community members, Roy Perkins and Denis Chevrier, were selected in the fall of 2014. The terms of Reference for this committee were approved on a motion moved by Denis Thibault and seconded by Andre Rivette on May 20, 2011.

It is the responsibility of the Mayor to ensure this committee was activated and had regularly scheduled meetings. THIS WAS NOT DONE!!

The Terms of Reference of the committee are;

1. To begin the process of negotiations to acquire or least key lands along the City of Cornwall waterfront that are Government owned and that said Government may be willing to transfer to the City.

2. To arrange for a meeting(s) with said Government representatives, given that they have already shown a positive interest in opening discussions as soon as possible.

3. To meet with private waterfront landowners who have shown an interest in future development of the City of Cornwall waterfront.

4. To meet form time to time with the waterfront land Committee of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and other key stakeholders. (Taken from MOU between City of Cornwall and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne).

5. To present Council with draft proposals on acquisition of lands long the City of Cornwall waterfront and be subject to Council approval.

6. To review the proposals that would have previously been shared with Administration, Members of Council and Waterfront Committee in a future public meeting. Proposals that outlines options for the management of those lands once acquired by the city.

7. Seek public input at appropriate stages in the process.

8. To meet, from time to time, with the Waterfront Development Committee to share information and strategic directions, and compare with the adopted Waterfront Plan.

Therefore, as stated earlier, if the Waterfront Land Development Committee would have been activated, this issue would not have occurred.

The residents of Cornwall, through our elected officials, will determine the future development of our waterfront.

Glen G. Grant


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