2022 Municipal Election Results: South Glengarry and South Stormont

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News

Here are the unofficial results of the 2022 municipal election in South Glengarry and South Stormont:

Unofficial Results for the Township of South Glengarry

Lachlan McDonald and to his right is his father, D.J. McDonald.

Lachlan McDonald has replaced Lyle Warden as mayor of South Glengarry with 2,358 votes to Warden’s 2,063.

McDonald, who knocked on more than 4,000 doors during this campaign, shared on Facebook, “We have caught up with old friends and met many people that reinforce why it is worth the effort. The people, the community, and the location of South Glengarry is truly something special.”

Mayor-Elect of South Glengarry

Lachlan McDonald

Deputy Mayor-Elect of South Glengarry

Martin Lang

Councillors-Elect of South Glengarry

Stephanie Jaworski

Sam McDonell

Trevor Bougie

English Public School Board Trustee

Curtis Jordan

Unofficial Results for the Township of South Stormont

Back row, L to R: Andrew Guindon, Bryan McGillis, Cindy Woods. Front row L to R: Jennifer MacIsaac and Reid McIntyre

Bryan McGillis has been re-elected as mayor of South Stormont with 2,592 votes. South Stormont’s second mayoral candidate, David Smith, received 1,828 votes.

“Thank you for giving me the honour, and your confidence to allow me to continue as your mayor,” McGillis shared on his Facebook page, “I am very excited, and looking forward to the challenges that are ahead of us. As head of council, I will ensure all members of council will have a strong voice to represent you for the next four years. Congratulation to the new elected members of council.”

Mayor-Elect of South Stormont

Bryan McGillis

Deputy Mayor-Elect of South Stormont

Andrew Guindon

Councillors-Elect for South Stormont

Jenifer MacIssac

Reid McIntyre

Cindy Woods

English Public School Board Trustee

Curtis Jordan

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