Highlights of the Cornwall City Council Meeting on June 11, 2024

Highlights of the Cornwall City Council Meeting on June 11, 2024
Syd Gardner at a Council meeting earlier in 2024 (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

Members of Cornwall City Council met in Council Chambers at City Hall on June 11, 2024, for its regular biweekly meeting. All members were present. Here are some highlights from the meeting.

Long-term Housing Development Plan

Council received a presentation on the Long-term Housing Development Plan, which addresses the urgent need for affordable housing. This plan outlines the development of 538 new affordable homes across seven strategic sites over the next decade, aiming to meet a portion (54%) of the 995-unit need identified in the Housing Revitalization Plan (2020). The total estimated development cost for these projects is approximately $177.7 million, with an estimated equity cost of $123.3 million.

The plan emphasizes the need for federal and provincial funding to support the construction and ensure the financial viability of these projects. Council, in a vote of 9-2, approved the designation of municipally owned vacant land at 504 Fourth Street East for future affordable housing development. The plan includes creating a neighborhood park and additional recreational amenities.

Roof Replacement at the Civic Complex

Proteck Roofing and Sheet Metal has been awarded the tender for replacing the roof at the Cornwall Civic Complex at a cost of $974,368.25 including HST. This project will replace half of the arena roof, which has reached the end of its life and is leaking. The replacement will cover approximately 29,000 square feet. The second half of the roof is planned forreplacement in 2025, pending council approval.

Temporary Street Closure on Pitt Street

Council approved the temporary closure of Pitt Street from Third Street to Second Street on September 21, 2024, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., for the United Way Centraide SDG’s annual fundraising event, “Over the Edge.” Participants will rappel down the front of the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation building. The street closure will create a safezone for spectators to enjoy music and a barbecue lunch.

Mayor’s Task Force on Medical Recruitment

Council approved the Terms of Reference for the Mayor’s Task Force on Medical Recruitment. This task force, with an annual budget of $200,000, aims to attract healthcare professionals to Cornwall, addressing the region’s ongoing shortage of medical staff. The task force will review current efforts, engage with stakeholders, and provide actionable recommendations to improve healthcare access for residents.

Reconstruction of First Street and Lawrence Avenue

Council awarded the tender for the reconstruction of First Street and Lawrence Avenue to Cornwall Gravel Company Limited. The project, totaling $2,708,763.73 including HST, involves extensive infrastructure work, including approximately 126 meters of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and watermain on First Street, and similar upgrades on Lawrence Avenue.

Historically Related Committees and Groups

Council directed staff to prepare a comprehensive report on active groups involved in collecting and preserving local history. The report will identify overlaps and gaps in services, outline which organizations receive city funding, and detail the terms of reference for these groups. This initiative aims to enhance the coordination and effectiveness of historicalpreservation efforts in Cornwall.

Building and By-law Report Request

The Building and By-law department will prepare a detailed report on all building permits requested and approved over the past 12 months. The report will include a monthly breakdown of permit applications, approval times, permit types, geographical distribution, and compliance data. This information will help council understand building trends, processingefficiency, and areas for improvement.

OMERS Fossil Fuel Divestment

Council passed a resolution 6-5 requesting OMERS to set clear goals to divest from fossil fuels. The city urges OMERS to withdraw from new fossil fuel investments and provide plans for the profitable phase-out of existing fossil fuel assets.

Municipal Fee Exemption for Akwesasne International Powwow

Council agreed to waive the municipal fees for the 2024 Akwesasne International Powwow at Lamoureux Park. In addition, to provide buses from Akwesasne to Cornwall and back. This decision underscores the city’s dedication to reconciliation and the celebration of Indigenous culture, recognizing the importance of this event.

The next regular public meeting of the Cornwall City Council will be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

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