Nolan Quinn Appointed Associate Minister of Forestry

Nolan Quinn Appointed Associate Minister of Forestry
MPP Nolan Quinn was appointed Associate Minister of Forestry (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

On June 6, MPP Nolan Quinn was appointed to the Cabinet, assuming the role of Associate Minister of Forestry, working alongside Minister of Natural Resources Graydon Smith. “I am excited to work alongside Minister Smith, and to have the opportunity to collaborate with him in our shared commitment to safeguarding and preserving the extraordinary beauty and natural resources that Ontario possesses,” Quinn stated.

Previously, Quinn served as the parliamentary assistant to Ontario’s health minister, gaining deep insights into public service. Reflecting on his past role, he said, “The health file is a massive one, $185 billion. There are many opportunities for innovation in healthcare.”

Quinn underlined the urgency and importance of his new role in forestry, particularly in addressing the pressing economic challenges in Northern Ontario. “Forestry is a way of life up there,” he noted. “There’s a mill currently closed down in the north, so that is a concern right now. I believe there’s an immediate need for me to jump right into the file.”

Drawing parallels to his constituency’s experience with the closure of the Domtar mill in Cornwall, Quinn added, “We don’t need to explain to our local constituents what it does when a mill leaves town and when those jobs leave town,” he said.

Quinn is determined to leverage his business experience to support the forestry sector, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and competitiveness.

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