Samson announces candidacy

Provided by Gerry Samson
Samson announces candidacy
Gerry Samson

Gerry E Samson announces his candidacy for City Councillor! He claims his experience will be an asset at budget deliberations and his work ethic to gets things done will motivate changes to this great city! He further stated that his experience as a city property appraiser saved the city $800,000 as he had appraised a City property for sale at over 1.2 million and the city had it listed at $400,000.

In 1973 he was one of the founding members of Big Brothers, with Angelo Toundail, Ken Slitter, Ray Jodoin

Samson was a Big Brother to two young boys for fifteen years, member of Board of Directors 1974 where he sponsored 14 men to become Big Brothers!

His father Gerald Samson received the award as Honorary Big Brother 1984 four having four sons to become Big Brothers; first in Canada!

Gerry raised over five thousand dollars for Canadian Cancer Society as a police Officer for the program Jail and Bail.

Gerry has also raised over six thousand dollars for Childrens Treatment Centre, was the former Vice Chairman of the Stormont Dundas and Catholic School Board.

Gerry also coached Minor Hockey and Junior B Hockey, as well as minor Baseball Coach for 15 years and 25 years as ODHA Hockey Referee.

Later with 21 years as elected School Board Trustee he became a Cornwall City Councillor for Cornwall City!

He stated as Vice Chairman of the Stormont Dundas Glengarry School Board he served as chairman of Finance and controlled a budget with other trustees over 120 million dollars.

He stated that there is a need for senior and low income housing immediately!

More events in Summer at Lamoureux park, Free Parking on Pitt Street and Montreal Road, to help businesses and more stores like Brockville are required!

Waterfront has to be developed and the bike path widened for pedestrians and seniors walking their dogs!

The geese have to be eliminated like Prescott and Brockville!

I am totally against water meters and free busing for special needs and seniors!

City hall has to be more assessable to all citizens!

For a tide that runs strong, please vote Gerry E Samson

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