Privacy: Find out how to detect hidden cameras

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Privacy: Find out how to detect hidden cameras

Are you used to frequenting certain public places in which you sometimes feel observed? Well, it is now possible!

With the events of recent years, there has been a marked increase in sales of hidden spy cameras and surveillance systems. From the outset, shopping centers use this type of electronic device to ensure the safety of their customers. In this specific case, the security cameras are clearly visible, which leaves no room for interpretation.

However, it may happen that some malicious people install spy cameras in order to make illegal use of them. This is why it is necessary to remain vigilant and to detect the presence of cameras.

But how is it possible to find devices such as hidden spy cameras? This is what we will learn.

Where to start ?

At first, you can scan the place using your eyes in order to discover an abnormal light or a noise similar to a buzzing.

Since most hidden cameras are very small in size, you are unlikely to find  hidden cameras, especially since they could be hidden absolutely anywhere.

To try to find a hidden surveillance cameras, start your search in the following places:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Smoke detectors
  • Night lights
  • Mirrors
  • Shelves
  • Laptop computers
  • Pens
  • Office furniture
  • Holes in the wall
  • Wall frames
  • Toys
  • Alarm clocks
  • Items that seem oddly positioned

You have to look at every corner of the room. Any location that provides a good viewing angle can potentially hide a device.

Turn off the lights to detect flashing lights. Be aware, however, that they are not always apparent. In this case, you can try to search for a camera lens.

To function and retrieve images, the lens must be aimed where the action is taking place. If there is no light, there will definitely be a lens that will betray the presence of surveillance cameras.

Use a hidden camera detector

Did your search turn up any traces of hidden cameras? Be aware that there are many solutions that allow you to detect spy cameras.

Although they are slightly expensive, they detect radio frequencies, magnetic fields and several other information transmitted by these devices. This makes it quick and easy to spot malicious surveillance devices.

Use a cell phone

Cell phones are a very practical tool for detecting hidden cameras. Just make a call and walk around the room. If you hear interference, you may be in the magnetic field of one of these devices.

In general, all electronic devices create interference. This is usually not enough to interfere with a call. If you want to be sure, get a frequency detector. It will allow you to determine the precise location of the camera.

By connecting to the wireless networks where you are, you can also detect malicious devices. Since they require an internet connection and their owners have easy access to them, they emit signals. You may notice:

  • A Wi-Fi network name that represents a product model
  • Signal strength indicates how close the device is to your phone

Use your phone’s camera

Cell phones have the ability to detect infrared lights generated by hidden cameras, which were previously invisible to the naked eye.

Just open the camera and scan the room with your phone. You may see light sources or glows that you hadn’t noticed. To find out if your phone detects infrared lights, do the following test:

  • Place your phone in front of the tip of a remote control. Your eye won’t see the lights that come on when you press one of the buttons, but your phone will, as a night vision!

Take a flashlight

If you don’t want to invest in a hidden camera detector, you can always try to make yourself one. All you need is a flashlight and a roll of toilet paper.

First, turn off all the lights and close the curtains, so that you are in complete darkness. Obviously, this test is easier to perform once it gets dark.

Then place the roller in front of one eye, while closing the other eye. Move the flashlight to your closed eye, turn it on, then scan the room with the light beam. Pay particular attention to reflections, it could betray the presence of cameras.

Download an hidden camera detector app on your mobile phone

Many apps that claim to be hidden camera detectors are available through Android or iOS platforms, in free or paid versions, they generally use the smartphone camera to operate. 

The problem with this method is that it is not 100% effective, since this kind of application has its limits. In addition, the tool can manage to detect cameras, but you need to be close, or even very close to the surveillance devices and move very slowly.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the law prohibits anyone from using surveillance equipment without the knowledge of other people, which may result in fines or imprisonment. Private places such as hotel rooms, commercial toilets, etc. should never use this type of device.


Privacy is an element that should not be overlooked. No one wants to go viral on the web with footage that has been filmed without their knowledge, which is why you need to be vigilant.

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