The honeycomb rack : A storage solution for your industrial materials

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The honeycomb rack : A storage solution for your industrial materials

Whether in a warehouse, in a factory or in a storage space such as a distribution center, it is essential to organize your materials in order to be able to find them easily and limit losses. The larger the space, the greater the risk of disorganization, which is why an industrial storage solution is necessary within your organization.

For an employer, investing time and money in this kind of product may seem expensive or unimportant at first, but after reading this article, you will see all the benefits that such an investment can bring to your business. We can generally think of a significant saving of floor space in addition to increased safety for your work teams.

Optimize storage space

There is no more efficient way to organize your environment than by using an industrial shelving unit. For example, for the storage of tubes, bars, flat and/or angled bars, the honeycomb rack is the perfect storage solution. Depending on the space available, this product adapts to your reality and is designed using a modular construction, allowing you to select the height and width of each slot.

This type of storage can easily support heavy loads, while remaining accessible to workers. This allows your business to maintain its efficiency by ensuring efficient and safe handling of materials. Although we think very little about it, a structured organization of your warehouse can avoid having to move to a larger space. This type of storage not only makes it easy to locate the materials, but also to increase the stocks of each type by providing a larger storage area, which is flexible and will evolve with your business reality. Designed to be durable, the honeycomb rack is made of sturdy steel on which a mezzanine is placed, offering additional storage.

To optimize floor space, opt for a layout that can reach a height of 12 feet. A weight of more than 7,000 lbs can be placed on each of the slots.

Maximize the safety of employees

Ensuring the safety of your employees and anyone circulating in the work area is an important element, which can cause many consequences if it is not taken into consideration.

Depending on the materials you work with, their fragility and the frequency of use, the layout of industrial storage can be adapted to maximize storage space while ensuring the protection of more fragile materials, for example. The height and layout of the shelving unit provides your employees with optimal safety and easy transfer of items to be stored.

Find the ideal configuration

In order to determine the optimal configuration for your warehouse, it is necessary to carry out an analysis showing the current use of the space. This way, you will see which areas are most problematic and need intervention. By gathering all the possible data regarding the total space and the current configuration of your facilities, we will be able to establish an optimal plan using specialized software. Remember to take into account the different busy times during the year and include incoming and outgoing product flows. Completing this step will make it possible to redevelop the space effectively and efficiently, while improving the company’s productivity and reducing operating costs.

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