Why call on an outsourcing specialist for the effective management of your IT infrastructure?

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Why call on an outsourcing specialist for the effective management of your IT infrastructure?

In recent years, information technology has continued to develop and has taken an increasingly important place within businesses. The arrival of the global pandemic has also brought new ways of working, while remaining productive from home or the office. More specifically, we’re thinking of the development of hybrid work formulas, which offers a balance between teleworking and face-to-face work. 

There are several pieces of equipment that allow us to remain fully productive and ensure the proper functioning of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of your needs in order to identify the issues you could face in the management of all your computer equipment. 

When this analysis is completed, you will need to think about the development of your business IT infrastructure. The objective is to obtain the most efficient infrastructure possible.

What is IT outsourcing?

Outsourcing consists of handing over the management of your business’s IT infrastructure to a team who possesses expertise. As a general rule, the team is located externally and takes care of all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of your business, such as equipment maintenance, installation, etc.

Since these specialists have absolutely all the facilities required to ensure the optimal functioning of your company’s internal network, they ensure that a high level of quality is maintained, in particular through the standardization of your computer equipment, the protection of your data as well as by outsourcing your IT infrastructure.

Working with an outsourcing specialist to manage your IT assets and provide support is essential for your business. This will allow you to put your efforts where it really matters, while your provider keeps track of your workstations and servers. In addition, you will remain efficient and can rely on optimal performance that can support your activities.

What type of business are IT outsourcing services aimed at?

Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, IT outsourcing services certainly meet the needs of all businesses that require support for the management and maintenance of its infrastructure. Choosing a team of experts to undertake the management of your computer equipment offers you a certain peace of mind, knowing that they will ensure the confidentiality of your identity, the security of your data, the numerous automatic updates and much more.

Since they act as an extension to your business, you will usually benefit from access to advice or suggestions at all times. This is also the case if you are facing any IT problems. They are there to support you and guide you in this specialty which, let’s face it, can quickly become overwhelming. 

More specifically, what is IT infrastructure?

The IT infrastructure consists of all the computer, hardware and software resources used by a business. These resources include workstations and all related accessories, whether fixed or portable.

Among the computer equipment, it is important to mention that we also find the following: 

  • Printers, copiers, scanners, etc.
  • Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, graphic tablets, etc.
  • Cameras, microphones, webcams, etc.
  • External hard drives, modems, servers, WiFi hotspots, etc.
  • All computer data
  • The different licenses associated with the software that is used
  • Cloud space and data storage
  • And much more

What is IT infrastructure management?

The mission of outsourcing specialists is to carry out the regular maintenance of all of your company’s IT resources, but also to see to their development and optimize them efficiently and according to your needs. They take on many responsibilities while working according to best IT practices and using devices that are recent and duly protected.

Let’s take a look at the main tasks they perform in their mandate:

  • Management and inventory of all the devices that belong to your company
  • Development of the structure of the computer system as well as its organization
  • Coordination of servers and various network equipment
  • Managing device protection with advanced security software
  • Control of the many suppliers linked to your IT equipment
  • See to the control, maintenance, repair and proper functioning of computer equipment. Particular attention is paid to computer vulnerabilities
  • Training of new users on workstations

Since the devices that are part of the inventory of the IT assets represent a significant sum, it can quickly become necessary to group all the information in the same place. For example, the experts you choose will keep track of device serial numbers, passwords, licenses, purchase dates, warranty lengths, technical support contracts, device-specific specifications, etc. By doing so, they can properly keep equipment up to date, while relying on an efficient and structured database.

The solutions available to you for IT infrastructure management

Following the analysis of your business needs and depending on its size, you have two choices. You could choose to manage your equipment yourself, or choose a company who specializes in IT management.

In order to be objective and to get an overview of your IT infrastructure, it is preferable to outsource. This way, you can focus on your business, while your IT team takes action to reduce any impact that may occur. Despite the costs associated with this type of service, it quickly represents a long-term investment.

Also, it is important to think about the technical expertise required to manage your inventory and infrastructure yourself, in addition to the many software used by specialists. This means that doing business with an external company allows you to rely on their know-how and experience.

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