Canine competitors congregate at Maxville’s K9 Sport Fest

John MacGillis
Canine competitors congregate at Maxville’s K9 Sport Fest
Touchdown: The cool water provided stark contrast to the weekend’s heat (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

MAXVILLE, Ontario – Dogs from all around flooded Maxville with their barking and playful energy at the K9 Sport Fest to compete in various events on July 20 and 21.

Dogs competed in a variety of events testing their agility, scent, strength, swimming, jumping, and other skills. “The idea started at the wrap-up committee meeting at the Highland Games one year, and we were talking about how much fun bringing a sort-of highland games for dogs to Maxville would be,” said Dan Santoro, one of the events co-organizers.

Around 1,000-1,500 canine competitors took part this year, with consistently growing numbers since the event’s inception. “We seem to be attracting more competitors as well as more staff members on our end,” said Santoro.

The event had many vendors selling dog toys, food, and art, including Pawcasso Saphire, a canine artist that is raffling off a painting to raise money for Wounded Warriors Canada.

The day is also used to educate dog owners as to how to properly leash their animal, with tents from animal shelters providing important information on dog safety, specifically in the summer heat.

“Unfortunately the Ontario SPCA could not send even  a representative this year because of recent cuts from the provincial government,” said Santoro.

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