OPG highlights Luis’ successes on the job and in the ring

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By Nick Seebruch
OPG highlights Luis’ successes on the job and in the ring
Tony Luis as a security officer at OPG. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – On their website, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) highlighted the successes of Cornwall’s own Tony “Lightning” Luis a professional boxer and security officer at OPG’s R.H. Saunders Dam, which is in the city’s West End.

In addition to his work at the Dam, Luis trains upwards of 20 hours a week with his coach and father Jorge Luis, always preparing for his next fight in the ring.

Luis also volunteers his time in the community through mentoring youth at the Laurencrest Youth Residence.

“The values I have in my life now may not have come to the surface sooner had I not been tested through boxing,” said Luis. “You have to be a little crazy to be a fighter. Whether that’s work ethic, discipline, or having to respond to adversity. My philosophy is if there’s a problem, find three different solutions. Because there’s always a second chance, another way around the problem.”

Luis had one over 100 amateur boxing fights by the age of 12, and turned pro at 20.

His win-loss record is 29 wins, four losses, and 10 knockouts. Among Luis’ boxing accolades are three reigns with the World Boxing Council’s Continental Americas title in the lightweight division and one reign with the North American title.

Luis faced down challenges in both his boxing career and personal life including the death of his mother from a brain aneurysm shortly after he turned pro.

After spending some time employed doing social work, Luis turned to the OPG for a new career, hoping it would allow him to spend more time with his family, including his young son Miguel, focus on his boxing career and continue with his community service. While Luis was rejected in his original application to OPG, he was undeterred and applied again when a new vacancy came up.

As a security officer with OPG, Luis patrols the grounds of the Dam, screens visitors, and helps to ensure that the public keep a safe and respectful distance from the Dam’s operations.

“Right now, with my job at OPG, my boxing, and my involvement with youth, I’m very satisfied and content with what I’m doing,” he said. “But above everything else, I’m a father, and I’m very passionate about trying to be the best version of myself for my son, who is non-verbal but working through it. He’s taught me and his mom a lot about not giving up.”

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