Orton gets rare eight-ender

Nick Seebruch
Orton gets rare eight-ender
Curling stock photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – In Don Orton’s decades of playing curling, he has never gotten an eight-ender and the 90-year-old admits, he might never get another one again.

For the non-curlers out there, an eight-ender is when one team gets all eight of the shots in the end while the other team gets none.

Orton was skip for his team during the game and explained that this is no easy feat.

“It takes a lot of good luck for your team and bad luck for theirs,” he said. “You don’t plan to get an eight ender, but it happens.”

Orton said it was a team effort and explained that he felt humble about the achievement.

“Everyone congratulates you as skip, but the rest of the team has as much to do with it as you do,” he said.”It was a mixed feeling because you don’t like to rub it in, but it is a rare opportunity,” Orton continued. “Its more rare than a hole-in-one in golf.”

Orton took up curling later in life in his late 50s and curls at the Cornwall Curling Club three-to-four times a week.

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