Quest holds mini-strongman competition

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By Nick Seebruch
Quest holds mini-strongman competition

CORNWALL, Ontario – Six local competitors tested their strength at the QuestPTS mini-strongman competition at the Quest Gym on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

“We’re always trying to give people something to train for,” said QuestPTS owner Thomas Irvine.

There was a $40 entrance fee and different prizes for participants.

“Everyone is going to walk away with something,” said Irvine.

The competition was split into two events. The first saw competitors pull 200 per cent of their body weight 70 feet, immediately after which athletes did a deadlift for maximal reps at the same weight.

In the first competition, Steve Robichaud completed 23 reps and Patrick Dumais completed 15.

In the second event, competitors had to complete a log clean and press at 90 per cent of their body weight.

“Mike MacIntyre smashed 3 easy reps and left gas in the tank,” said Irvine. “It ended in a three way tie with Mike winning the bonus event and won with 11 reps on the Log press bonus event.”

MacIntyre came in first, with Patrick Dumais finishing the competition in second place. Both won a Quest membership package and Massage with Suzanne Landriault.

In third place, Matt Brunet- Mitschke won a massage with Anick Proulx.

In fourth, Steve Robichaud won a package from Jessica Irvine and runners-up Nick Montour and Lalen Phillips each won a gift from Quest.

“This event would have not been possible without volunteers Bryan Landry and his son and Brent Gervais, and all the great spectators that cheered with great passion,” Irvine said.

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