SLIDESHOW: SVW Superfight delivers

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By Nick Seebruch
SLIDESHOW: SVW Superfight delivers
Big Daddy D-Roy and Randy Berry battle at the top of the cage (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Seaway Valley Wrestling (SVW) held their Superfight card in partnership with Destiny Wrestling from Toronto on Saturday, Jan. 18 at the Nav Centre.

Weather in Cornwall was cold with 20 cm of snow in the forecast, but that did not keep SVW’s rabid fans from filling up the Bombardier Room at the Nav Centre, with more than 300 guests in attendance.

The wrestling action kicked off with a high octane emotional bout between Big Daddy D-Roy and “The Rage” Randy Berry inside a steel cage.

This feud was two years in the making, with its roots going back to the founding days of SVW. Both men hit the other with all they had except for remorse. There were tables, chairs, doors and of course the cage itself which were used as weapons in this battle.

Ultimately, D-Roy wrote the final chapter of this feud after choke slamming Berry through a table.

This was followed by an excellent tag team match between SVW’s own undefeated Total Devastation and Sabotage, one of the premiere tag teams from Nova Scotia.

Sabotage made their 10 hour journey worthwhile by coming out on top of Total Devastation. The pair then announced that their next fight on May 16 would be a “fans bring the weapons” match.

While the nasty weather did not disrupt the enthusiasm of the fans in the crowd, it did necessitate some tweaks to the scheduled programming. One such change was in Sally’s match. With her planned opponent unable to make it to the Nav Centre, the girl from the Village of the Damned instead faced off against SVW first-timer Puf.

The 120 lbs Sally was first facing challenges in overcoming the girth of the 300 plus pounder Puf, but she was ultimately victorious after she was able to summon black mist that blinded her foe.

The fourth match of the evening saw SVW Wrestler of the Year Lil’ Blay face off against Evil Uno. Uno has recently been featured on national television in the roster of the new All Elite Wrestling, where Uno is a member of the Dark Order.

The fan favourite Blay had no problem bringing the audience to his side in the match, with audience members young and old getting their shots in on Uno. Blay got everyone in the Bombardier Room doing his signature dance, including Evil Uno, albeit against his will.

Ultimately, while Uno was victorious, Blay was the one who walked out of the ring to a standing ovation.

The scheduled main event was Channing Decker versus “The Villain” Marty Scurll of Ring of Honor, but Scurll was delayed due to the weather, so his compatriot Flip Gordon took his place.

Decker, fresh off a tour in Japan, had a competitive and hard fought match with Gordon where he came out on top. Decker got on the mic after the match to praise the crowd, his opponent, and SVW for putting on such a stellar show and drawing so many talented wrestlers to Cornwall.

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