New senior hockey team in the works for Cornwall

Nick Seebruch
New senior hockey team in the works for Cornwall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Mitch Gagne has been involved in a lot of Cornwall’s hockey history, and he is getting ready to help turn the page on the next chapter.

He has announced his intention to help bring a new senior hockey team to Cornwall by the fall of 2018.

The Cornwall Prowlers will be a part of the Ligue de hockey sénior ‘A’ de l’Outaouais (LHSAO) and plans are to have the team play out of the Benson Centre.

The LHSAO are a new hockey league starting up in the region and so far, the league is made up of the Cornwall Prowlers, the Shawville Pontiacs and the Fort -Coulogne Comets. The league is also looking for a coaching staff for a team in the Gatineau area.

Gagne said that the league recently approached him and he was interested and believes in the league’s business model.

He said that the league does not charge franchise fees. The costs to the team include ice time, travel, insurance and jerseys.

The players have the opportunity to earn some money through selling sponsorships on their jerseys and Gagne said that he was interested in instituting a bonus program for high performing players.

“This is definitely feasible,” said Gagne. “We will have our own bar sales and we will apply for our own permit [to sell].”

For Gagne, he says that he wants to see the league get six teams for its first season. He says that the Cornwall Prowlers will play 16 games total in their first season, 8 away and 8 home.

“I think that’s the right way to do it in year one,” said Gagne. “I think they’ve got a great idea. Taking away franchise fees is really good. I think it shows they are really passionate about the game.”

Gagne said in a post on Facebook that the team will be run by himself and three other men.

He said he hopes to have a training camp by September.

When tickets go on-sale, they will be $8 for adults 19 and older and $5 for those 18 and younger.

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