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Terrorism in New Zealand

By Sultan Jessa
Terrorism in New Zealand
New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Terrorism must be vehemently fought and wiped out at any cost around the world.

What happened in stable and peaceful New Zealand was more about immigration and racism than against Islamophobia.

In my previous columns, I have condemned terrorism against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and atheists.

A heavily-armed gunman took 50 lives and wounded dozens more, shattering hearts at two different mosques in New Zealand.

While responding to the devastating attack in her country, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden stressed:

“They are us.”

Arden also pledged she would never utter the name of the gunman.

This is real leadership.

It is very different from many other world leaders in similar circumstances.

I visited Christchurch and many parts of New Zealand some years back and was impressed with the people, peace and tranquility.

Many poor and underdeveloped countries where terrorism thrives do not have the money or the means to deal with this new threat.

The only way terrorism can be uprooted is with a determined and a united effort by many countries.

Terrorist organizations – and there are many of them – have found a new way to hurt peace loving countries that do not subscribe to their ideals.

We have to learn to respect each other’s beliefs and religions.

Violent extremists simply aim to divide people.

We have to be strong, united, more understanding and more respectful of all races, ethnic cultures, religions and views.

New Zealand Prime Minister urged people to talk about the victims rather than the killer.

Ardern said people should not dignify the killer but should focus on their victims and their families.

Terrorists are determined to destroy countries that do not abide by their philosophy.

Islam does not advocate violence and killings.

Many countries, including Canada, Britain, Germany, the United States and Australia have been advising its citizens to keep away from countries where are prone to be attacked by terrorist groups.

We must remain unwavering in our fight against terrorism organizations.

Ardern has been decisive, uncompromising and full of resolve.

New Zealand has just gone through a terrible crisis.

But, the country is already announcing reforms on gun laws which will make the country safer.

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