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Turning trash to treasure

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By Nick Seebruch
Turning trash to treasure
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Trash to Treasure weekend returns to Cornwall Aug. 22 and 23.

Starting in 2018, Trash to Treasure weekend encourages residents to put out their gently used, unwanted items to give them a new life with new owners who want them.

This year, Trash to Treasure will be held across two days. The first day on Saturday, Aug. 22 will be a yard sale day, where residents will be able to sell their gently used items. Any items not sold on the first day, can be given away on the second day, Sunday, Aug. 23.

Households are asked to sign up to be a part of Trash to Treasure weekend by filling out the form at the following link.

Participating households will be put on a Treasure Map, and must follow the following guidelines:

  • Provide hand sanitizer at your yard sale,
  • Encourage residents at your yard sale to keep 2 metres apart,
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces,
  • Keep all items for sale outdoors,
  • Consider using chalk, tape, or other markings to designate safe distances of 2 metres,
  • Wear a face covering or mask,
  • Display safety signage at their yard sale (this will be provided by mail from the City of Cornwall),
  • Reduce contact when exchanging money, and consider using e-transfer,
  • Notify the City of Cornwall if someone in your household is feeling unwell or is diagnosed with COVID-19, at which point your household will be removed from the Treasure Map of participating households.
  • Yard sale shoppers should also carry hand sanitizer with them, wear a mask, and stay 2 metres apart.

“Trash to Treasure Day is an opportunity for residents to share their gently used, unwanted household items with treasure hunters. The goal is to reuse items rather than sending them to the landfill,” reads a statement from the City of Cornwall.

Items such as mattresses and waste should not be put out on Trash to Treasure weekend.

Any gently used item that is not sold or given away on Trash to Treasure weekend should be brought inside after 7 p.m., and anything left over after the weekend can be donated to a thrift store or taken to the landfill.

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