Organization forms to fight systemic racism in Cornwall and Counties

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By Nick Seebruch
Organization forms to fight systemic racism in Cornwall and Counties

CORNWALL, Ontario – A new organization dubbed the Coalition for Unity, Respect, Equality/Equity for All (CUREA) has formed to addressed systemic racism in Cornwall and the United Counties.

The six member board is composed of local business professionals. In a letter to the media they listed the following goals:

  • Public education, awareness, and the prevention of racial injustice and systemic racism;
  • Advocacy and support for members of racialized groups;
  • Promoting accountability and transparency within public institutions;
  • Providing a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to equity, diversity and
    inclusion for all.

One board member sent a Letter to the Editor to local media in September detailing their experience in Cornwall as a person of colour and how they felt the City still had a long way to go to to truly achieve diversity and equality.

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On October 15, 2020 our organization met with MP Eric Duncan, MPP Jim McDonell, Chief of Cornwall Police Danny Aikman, and S.D.&G OPP Commander Mike Mulhern,” reads a statement from the CUREA Board. “We were given a safe space to speak openly about our experiences and our commitment to addressing systemic racism within our local institutions. MP Eric Duncan committed to specific action items pertaining to community education and mobilization. Our organization took steps to identify to our leadership notable public institutions who were absent from our constructive discussion. We look forward to working with our community leaders to identify, address, and combat systemic racism in Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry.”

The letter to the media was signed by CUREA board members Stacey Ottley, Agnes Etaka, Rebecca Leuwe, Neha Chugh, Clement Gwanyama, and Michele Allinotte.

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