Trailblazing local auctioneer retires

Provided by Theresa Taylor
Trailblazing local auctioneer retires
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Going once, going twice, … gone Theresa Taylor is retiring from auctioneering.

Taylor is the auctioneer and mastermind behind Theresa Taylor and Associates Auctioneering. With 25 years of serving her community, Taylor is known for professional selling with integrity and heart, complemented by a respectful approach.

During her career, Taylor has been recognized provincially and internationally for her excellence at bid calling, as well as the behind the scenes work to connect buyers and sellers, drawing together a professional team. Taylor has seen a lot of changes to the industry over the years. Several career highlights include teaching at the World Wide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, Iowa. for a decade, and achieving the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award.

“It has been an exciting and fascinating career,” she said, noting there’s a treasure to be found in every house.

Coming from rural roots, she attended auctions as a youngster with her father, learning first-hand about the worth found there. Later in her high school year book, her claim to fame was as the winner of the Non-Stop Talking Contest. “I left behind the gift of the gab to those who may need it,” she said, laughing.

During retirement, Taylor hopes to get back to her hobbies, sewing and quilting, cooking, and gardening. She said she’s aiming to spend quality time with her husband, Daniel “He recently built me my own personal tea room, so we can sip and converse about years gone by and things to come,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the days ahead so I can reacquaint myself with life before the auction business.”

As a personalized full-service auction company, Theresa Taylor and Associates Auctioneering has seen it all and sold it all. From diamonds to vintage tools, coins to furs, antique furniture to a log house, she has had a captivating 25 years.

Some of her noteworthy sales include selling the Foley Estate of Westport, the Miss Canada 1954 wardrobe; Lavimodiere Furs; private collection cars; Canadian Carnival Glass Convention; private coin collections; a black powder gun that traced back to the Plains of Abraham battle; Martintown Hockey Stick Mfg., and she even once sold more than 400 designer formal dresses to buyers across the country and internationally. This is on top of many memorable estate auctions and tag sales.

Taylor noted that her storied career hasn’t been a solo journey and holds her team in high regard.

“Success has many partners and influencers,” she said. “I am truly grateful to all those who assisted me along the way: family and friends, clients who became friends, pickers, dealers, collectors, buyers and sellers, entrepreneurs, industry peers, and organizations that guided me. Also, the contract workers who signed on for the job of creating our next auction. I owe you all a very big thank you.”

Theresa Taylor, your retired Auctioneer;, 613-933-7672

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