2024 Cornwall and Area Job Fair breaks records, signaling positive impact on community employment

provided by Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area
2024 Cornwall and Area Job Fair breaks records, signaling positive impact on community employment
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The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC) and the Employability Network proudly announce the resounding success of the 2024 Cornwall and Area Job Fair, held on Wednesday, April 24th, at the Cornwall Civic Complex. This year’s event shattered previous attendance records, with an outstanding turnout of 1700 job seekers, surpassing the 2023 record by an impressive 400 attendees.

The Job Fair, featuring Skills Ontario, served as a vital conduit for job seekers and local employers, boasting participation from over 70 businesses and service providers. It facilitated meaningful connections aimed at alleviating the region’s pressing workforce shortage.

“We were thrilled to witness the robust participation in this year’s job fair. As an Employment Ontario service provider, our presence provided an invaluable opportunity to directly engage with job seekers in our community. Through meaningful conversations, we could offer insights into our services and available resources to individuals navigating their employment journey,” remarked Kimberly Arbic, Director of Community Relations at Job Zone d’emploi.

The addition of language support further bolstered the event’s inclusivity, with volunteers proficient in a multitude of languages available to assist job seekers in engaging with employers and overcoming language barriers.

“I found the job fair to be excellently organized, offering invaluable language support and convenient transportation. It facilitated seamless connections with a diverse pool of candidates, benefiting both employers and applicants alike. We eagerly anticipate the next job fair!” expressed Krista Periard, General Manager of Chartwell McConnell Retirement Residences.

A notable highlight of this year’s event was the provision of transportation from various regions, including Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Akwesasne, and Cornwall. Attendees were provided with complimentary bus services from designated locations across the region, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all participants.

Carilyne Hébert, Executive Director of the SDC, underscored the event’s significance in addressing immediate workforce challenges while nurturing long-term economic prosperity. “By fostering direct connections, we’re not only tackling immediate challenges but also investing in the sustained vitality of our workforce and economy. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering individuals with rewarding career opportunities and equipping industries with the skilled workforce they urgently require.”

The success of the 2024 Cornwall and Area Job Fair was made possible by the generous support of sponsors, including Skills Ontario, WCG and Employment Ontario, Cornwall Economic Development Department, Eastern Ontario Training Board, Newcomer Employment & Welcome Services, St-Lawrence College Cornwall Student Union, Akwesasne Career and Employment Support Services, City of Cornwall, SDG Counties, Job Zone d’ Emploi, and Glengarry Inter Agency Group.

For further information about the event and upcoming initiatives, please contact the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area at info@sdccornwall.ca.

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