3 Minutes with the Mayor

Provided by the Township of South Stormont
3 Minutes with the Mayor

Earlier this year, the Township of South Stormont reached out to the community for their input into the development of a new Strategic Action Plan to guide the next 5 years. We were thrilled with the response we received and used that invaluable feedback to prepare a plan that will guide Council decisions moving forward.

The Township enlisted the help of Linton Consulting Services Inc. to assist in the development of the plan and at the September 13th Council Meeting, Council adopted the 2023-2027 Strategic Action Plan.

The plan has identified four goals, supported by the community feedback and the known needs of the Township: Safe and Reliable Infrastructure; Welcoming and Vibrant Community; Diverse and Prosperous Economy; and Exceptional and Accountable Government. Each goal has strategic priorities and actions assigned to it to help guide the work of Council and staff to ensure that we continually strive to accomplish the goals of the plan.

The Strategic Action Plan is ambitious, but we are confident that we can achieve all the successes outlined in the plan to make South Stormont a better place to live.

The full Strategic Action Plan is available on our website to review. Please visit www.southstormont.ca/StrategicPlan

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