A warm welcome for Dr. Amy Margaret Chung

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A warm welcome for Dr. Amy Margaret Chung
Dr. Amy Margaret Chung. Submitted photo.

Thanks to local donors and support from partners like the City of Cornwall, our Hospital Foundation is pleased to officially welcome Dr. Amy Margaret Chung to CCH. Dr. Chung is the 2020-2021 recipient of CCHF’s Adopt a Medical Resident project, funding Emergency Medicine training for physicians at CCH, in partnership with Queen’s University. Dr. Chung is the third resident from the Family Medicine-Emergency Medicine (FM-EM) program to serve local patients.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Chung recently and thought readers of this column would be interested in getting to know her better, too. The following Q&A is an excerpt from our discussion.

What does your FM-EM training through the “Adopt a Medical Resident” program mean to you?

“The FM-EM program through CCH is my ideal training program for Emergency Medicine.  I’m fortunate to learn from the many clinician teachers at the CCH.  Through its partnership with Queen’s University, I’m also able to benefit from a strong academic curriculum.”

What does CCH, and Cornwall, mean to you?

“I was born and raised in Cornwall.  My maternal grandparents were farmers and most of my extended family lives in the Cornwall area.  I feel a responsibility to contribute to the community in which I grew up.  I think it’s important that physicians understand the needs of the community in which they work to provide high quality care. Emergency Medicine is a team sport and I enjoy working with the amazing healthcare professionals at CCH.”

What do you most enjoy about working in an Emergency Department?

“I enjoy all of it! Emergency Medicine has often been described as “anyone, anything, anytime”. I love the diversity, complexity, and excitement of Emergency Medicine.  I enjoy the problem solving, organizational and procedural skills needed for this specialty. It is a privilege to provide critical care to patients in a time of need.”

Do you have a message you’d like to send to donors of our Hospital Foundation this holiday season?

“I’d like to thank the Hospital Foundation for this opportunity to do what I love in the community where I am from.  I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season!”

On behalf of our Foundation, we’re so proud to welcome Dr. Chung to CCH.

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