BounceBack- Reclaim Your Health

Submitted by: Angele D’Alessio, Mental Health Promoter

Feeling low? Stressed? Anxious? The BounceBack program can help! Find out how below.
BounceBack- reclaim your health is a free skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. It offers two forms of help.

Telephone coaching and workbooks: (Referral required)

BounceBack is a guided self-help program in which a coach supports you in working through a series of workbooks. • The program involves three to six telephone coaching sessions, which you can do from the comfort of your home. • Your coach is there to help you develop new skills, keep you motivated, and monitor how you’re doing. • You and your coach will select from among 20 workbook topics that are best suited to your current needs. Some popular workbooks are: Being assertive; Changing extreme and unhelpful thinking; Overcoming sleep problems. • Telephone coaching and workbooks are available in multiple languages.
Your family doctor or nurse practitioner can provide you with a referral. Alternatively, you can self-refer. To access the referral form, visit:

BounceBack Today online videos: (No referral needed)

BounceBack Today videos offer practical tips on managing mood, sleeping better, building confidence, increasing activity, problem solving, and healthy living. The videos are available in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Arabic, and Farsi. You can start watching our
online video series today! Visit: and enter access code: bbtodayon

Key Benefits of the BounceBack Program:

• Free (funded by the government of Ontario)
• Accessible from home
• No wait times (5-7 days)
• Available in multiple languages

*Funded by the Government of Ontario and manged by CMHA Ontario.

The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. For further information or if you want to access our services at CMHA please call 1-800-493-8271 or visit our web site at

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